Bsoft program


Usage: bflat [options] input.img output.img

Does phase extension by solvent flattening.
The amplitudes are defined in three possible mutually exclusive ways: 1. Derived from the input map (default). 2. Derived from a reference map. 3. Specified in an external amplitude map.


-symmetrize C5Apply point group symmetry.


-verbose 7Verbosity of output.
-datatype uForce writing of a new data type.
-resolution 35,15.5,1.5Resolution limit start, end and step (default 30,20,1).
-iterations 80Iterations (default 1).
-exit 0.1Exit condition based on amplitude RMSD (default 0.01).
-output 5Number of iterations between writing output maps (default 100).


-Reference file.mapFile to generate amplitudes from (default amplitudes from input map).
-Amplitudes file.mapFile with amplitudes (default amplitudes from input map).
-Mask mask.tifMask file.

Bsoft version 2.0.7-20200917 (64 bit)

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