Bsoft program


Usage: bampweigh [options] input.img output.img

Weighs the amplitudes of a map using a reference map's amplitudes.


-invertInvert density in the image.
-rescale -0.1,5.2Rescale data to average and standard deviation after filtering.
-dose 2.5Weigh the amplitudes by accumulated dose using the given dose/frame (e/Å2).
-normalize 2Normalize amplitudes (1:amplitude; 2:power).
-rootWeigh by the square root of the amplitudes.
-squareWeigh by the squares of the amplitudes.


-verbose 7Verbosity of output.
-datatype uForce writing of a new data type.
-sampling 1.5,1.5,1.5Sampling (A/pixel; default from input file; a single value can be given).
-resolution 15Resolution limit (angstrom)


-RPS file.txtRadial power spectrum.
-FSC file.xmlFSC curve.
-Reference file.mapReference map.
-Mask mask.tifMask file to exclude regions in reciprocal space.
-mask mask.mrcReal space mask to apply before weighing.

Bsoft version 2.0.7-20200917 (64 bit)

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