Parameter conversion programs

These programs are extraneous to Bsoft in the sense that they accommodate interchange of information with other software packages.


These programs can be compiled with a line such as:

g++ <source_code> -o <program> -I$BSOFT/include -L$BSOFT/lib -lbsoft

On Mac OS X 10.7+:

clang++ <source_code> -o <program> -I$BSOFT/include -L$BSOFT/lib -lbsoft

Single particle micrograph parameters


This program converts between X3Dpreprocess parameter files (.crd) or PFT/EM3DR DAT files (.dat), and the Bsoft STAR format. Some elements of the X3Dpreprocess files are lost during conversion because not all features are supported within the Bsoft micrograph model.

Tomography parameters


This program converts between the IMOD tomographic reconstruction parameter files and the Bsoft STAR format. The following IMOD files are converted:

In addition, the micrograph file must be given to extract some properties.