Version 0.86

Upgrading Peach

Steps to follow when upgrading the system

These steps are similiar to the installation steps.
  1. Download the Peach package (Peach.tar.gz)
    • The software is available at the Peach website.
  2. Extract the Package
    • Unzip Peach.tar.gz using tar: tar -xvzf Peach.tar.gz
    • The package will be written to a directory called Peach in your current directory.
  3. Run the Installation Script (pinstall)
    • Change to the directory called Peach: cd Peach
    • This directory called Peach will be refered to as the source directory from now onwards
    • The directory in which Peach was installed to is the destination directory
    • Type: ./pinstall destination_directory
      • Example: pinstall /home4/EMprogs/Peach where /home4/EMprogs/Peach is on a shared disk that is accessible to all participating computers
      • The installation script will copy all the new program files over the previous files.
      • The installation script will prompt you if you would like to overwrite the previous configuration files or to keep the same settings.
  4. Use pview to shutdown the server.
  5. Log on to the computer which is used for the server.
  6. Launch the new server by typing: /destination_directory/pserv -verbose
  7. Finally, use pview to upgrade the job daemons by typing u all
It is very important that the order of these steps is followed otherwise the job daemons may be shutdown due to them not receiving the updated checksum codes.