Version 0.86


Usage: psubmit <command-line> [options]

Requires: password access, must be on a shared disk

Jobs must be submitted from a shared disk, from the directory where input files can be found and where result files will be written. The user must have appropriate read and write permissions, as well as being registered as a user of the Peach system. As with other Peach commands, psubmit requires a password from the user for access. Asingle command line or script can be submitted, as well as a script with embedded psubmit commands.

The psubmit options are:
The operating system is determined from the output of the command "uname", typically one of the following:


The normal output for the command line will be generated, with the output to the shell captured in two files named after the submitted script and with the extensions .STDOUT and STDERR. If the -email option is used, these two files will be sent to the user on completion or termination of the job.


Bin an image on the computer Titan and call the job "examplejob":

psubmit bint -bin 3 test.tif output.tif -ip Titan -jn examplejob

To run a script with embedded psubmit commands (such as in a loop):

psubmit -ss

To submit a command line which possess options which coincide with psubmit options:

psubmit "testProgram -ss" -ip Titan

To submit a job to specific operating systems:
psubmit -os irix64
psubmit -os linux,darwin

Users should note once again that if this command is not executed on the shared disk and not performed on data on the shared disk, the operation will fail.