Version 0.86

Peach FAQ

Q: Why can't I submit a job using psubmit?

A: Check that you are executing the psubmit command in a directory that is accessible by other the participating computers.  If you do not execute psubmit in a shared disk, your request will be rejected.

Q: Why can't my task read a file for input?

A: Check that the file that is being read is located on a disk that is shared by all the computers on the cluster.  Your task will fail if this requirement is not fulfilled.

Q: Why does my task get killed after a certain amount of time repeatedly?

A: Your task is probably running for more than the maximum run time set by the administrator.  Peach was designed to process short jobs on the order of 1-5 hours.  First try to reak down your jobs into smaller parts if possible.  If that is not possible speak to the administrator about increasing the system run time (MAX_RUN_TIME).

Q: Why can't my program be found?

A: Check the perl file generated by psubmit. In the first few lines, paths are being setup. Most likely, the paths being setup do not direct the computer to your program. Inform your system administrator to update or correct the paths to accomodate your program.

Q: Why doesn't pview execute my requests?

A: Quit pview and re-enter your password carefully.  It is most probable that you had originally entered the wrong password.  If this does not work, check that you are trying to perform actions which are allowed, such as killing only your own jobs.